Muffin recipe 

Ready to take home a fur-ever friend who's the cat's meow? Our muffins take approximately 13 to 15 weeks to rise to full muffin potential and come with the following sprinkles...

  • Full vaccination records
  • A clean bill of health 
  • Freedom from fleas and worms
  • Microchipped
  • Spayed/neutered
  • 4 weeks free insurance!
  • TICA registered  (pet/ non active)
  • Genetic testing parentage clear of HCM,SMA,PKdef copies
  • A kitten goodie bag with a batch of raw food with a raw diet information sheet, contract signed by me, blanket from mummy cat, goodies ofcourse and all your above documents.
  • Currently our prices start from £1500

Attention all cat-astrophicly cute kitten lovers! We've got some pawsome news – our muffins will be available for reservation enquiries at just 4 weeks old! Sorry, but we don't do waitlists – we're all about the instant gratification of finding your fur-ever feline friend. So set your cat-alarm for 4 weeks and get ready to claw your way to the front of the line!

Do you do visits?

Feline friends, we know you're dying to cuddle up with our adorable kittens, but please understand that we cannot offer visitations until collection day. We're not being catty – we just don't want to stress out our queens or their litters, or risk the health of our furry friends with viral and bacterial infections. Plus, we're a family home and take security very seriously. But don't worry, you can still get your kitten fix with a live video view of our little fluffballs! And to put your mind at ease, our cattery is verified by TICA as a registered breeder. So what are you waiting for? Let's get those virtual kitten cuddles started! 

Reserving and paying for a muffin

Ready to sink your paws into the most adorable little muffins? Our purrfect kittens are like fluffy, warm muffins straight out of the oven! You can reserve these precious kittens from the tender age of just 4 weeks old. To secure your chosen muffin-kitten, all it takes is a delicious £300 deposit. The remaining balance will be due on collection day when you come to pick up your sweet little muffin. If you prefer to make a bank transfer, we kindly ask that the payment is received the day before. Of course, we're always more than happy to accept cold, hard cash on the actual collection day itself!

Please remember that just like muffins, the prices of these adorable little kittens may vary between litters. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on these delightful muffin-kittens. Let's make your dream of having a cuddly, fluffy muffin come true!