Maine coons 

The Maine Coon is one of the worlds most loved cat breeds being along with the largest known as the gentle giant , they are a perfect addition to the family with their history of good natured temperament, patience and love for their owners.

Maine coons are also very interactive cats they love attention from their owners and require a lot of it as they are highly sociable animals, they are also very intelligent and can carryout tasks such as fetch and be leash trained. 

About us

We are registered breeders with TICA specialising in breeding majestic, impressive breed standard Maine Coons based in Cheshire UK, our cats are from excellent bloodlines imported from around the world handpicked by me. Our cats are raised within our family they are all very well socialised this being our priority to provide our families with cats of excellent temperament. 

Our cats are all fed on a high-quality raw diet and whole prey as we like to ensure our cats are kept in pristine health, we provide information sheets on raw diet including the benefits, suppliers and how to maintain this natural diet for those wishing to continue with raw.

Our breeding cats are all genetically tested for HCM,SMA and PkDef , you will recieve a copy of their genetic testing with your kitten.