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Sheeva Josephine Mysterious Goddess

n22 black marble tabby

HCM, SMA, PKdef - N/N

Sheeva is a beautiful big girl with a huge brush of a tail, she enjoys pushing every item she can off surfaces and has such a lovely laid back personality with plenty of patience she is the alpha of our gang she enjoys being the leader .she will always wait for her treats being such a well mannered lady.

Planet of Big Gold Friend

gs blue silver tortie 

HCM, SMA, PKdef -N/N

Planet is a big fluffy full of love girl , she has a very kind introvert personality she loves to give head rubs to the other cats. Planet is a very vocal lady she loves to chatter especially when she is waiting for her dinner time ! we are excited to see her beautiful future litters she is such a special unique lady

Ostara ursula  of Mysterious Goddess

fs 25 silver ticked

HCM, SMA, PKdef -N/N

Joining us in march 2021